Why Beirut Blues?

  • My first encounter with the Middle East was in Beirut. I now live in Ramallah and work in a Palestinian PR and media company. Personally I am worried about the distorted view and the collective imagery back at home of the Middle East and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in particular. My interest in Beirut Blues is therefore to spark the curiosity of friends and family on this part of the world, on which so much has been written but on which so often we lack to see the more human side to it.


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    For more information about the Gaza food crisis, please refer to: http://electronicintifada.net/bytopic/427.shtml

Darat Al Funoun

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    Great contemporary arty exhibition on Palestine at Darat Al Funoun in Amman.


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    Beautiful comic and story, that reflects a lot about Israeli society. Worth a read!!

Voters Portraits

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    Marks of Democracy: Portraits of Voters is a beautiful collection of photos taken by Osman Bozkurt based on the general elections in Turkey in 2002, and the fact that in order to avoid voters casting more than once, their finger were marked with ink.

Election Posters

  • Hamas Billboard
    Election posters give a great overview of the different parties and their messages.

Christmas in Bethlehem

  • Christmas Greetings
    Travels and adventures on Christmast in the Holy Land!

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